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Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR)



Pureflo PF30HYDRA (PAPR)

Pureflo's PAPR gas respirator combining respiratory protection with certificated hard hat, face and eye protection.

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Pureflo PF20HYDRA (PAPR)

Pureflo's bump cap PAPR gas respirator combines respiratory protection with certificated bump cap, face & eye protection.

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Pureflo PF33ESM Hard Hat PAPR

Pureflo PF33 ESM (PAPR)

A powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) with hard hat & faceshield that can be configured to your application.

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Pureflo PF33ESM for Aluminium Industry

Pureflo PF33ESM For Aluminium Industry

PAPR for the Aluminium Industry - Configured for Smelters and Refineries.

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Pureflo PF23ESM Bump Cap PAPR

Pureflo PF23 ESM-P (PAPR)

A powered respirator with certificated bump cap and face/eye protection for light duty industries.

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Airline/Air Fed Respirators


Pureflo PF31ABS Air Fed Respirator

Pureflo PF31ABS (Air Fed)

An air fed respirator with hard hat and face/eye protection that can be adapted to your precise application.

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Pureflo PF21ABS-P (Bump Cap) Supplied Air

Pureflo PF21 ABS-P (Air Fed)

supplied air respirator with ultra lightweight air fed face mask & integrated bump cap & faceshield.

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Purelite Xstream Respirators


Purelite Xstream

Purelite Xstream Respirator

Perfect replacement for FFP3 dust masks - ultra lightweight, self contained, reusable full face respirator.

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Purelite Xstream Agricultural Pack

Purelite Xstream
Agricultural Pack

Specifically designed to reduce the risks of farming respiratory hazards.

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Pureflo Respirators | Full Face Respirators for Industry

Pureflo respirators, manufactured by Helmet Integrated Systems Ltd, lead the industry in full face respirator protection. The Pureflo range of respirators, including PAPR and air fed varieties, are amongst the most high performing, cost effective respirators available on the market today.

Proven in use throughout the world, in a wide variety of heavy and light duty industries and by numerous multi-national organisations, our range of Pureflo particulate respirators and air supplied full face respirators can be configured to exactly match your application.

Many of our British Standard certificated respirators come with integrated head protection (EN397 hard hat or EN812 bump cap) as well as face shield eye/face protection (EN166). The Pureflo range includes both PAPR and air supplied full face respirators.

Our respirators also have a very wide range of options and accessories, including:

Range of Pureflo Respirators


  • Respirator mounted welding shield accessory
  • Range of filters including TH3P nuisance odour, A2, B2, ABEK, welding & smelter varieties
  • Choice of neck capes including spark shield & Tychem
  • Choice of headtops
  • Range of visor options including gold coated, green (full & half length) & mesh
  • Aluminised overcapes
  • Power tool take off adaptor
  • Extension hoses
  • Particulate respirator 16 station battery multicharger
  • Particulate respirator air flow test rig
  • Supplied air 4 man breathing air purifier


Paint Spray Respirator

A number of our full face respirators are suitable for use as paint spray respirators. The precise respirator model appropriate to your paint spraying respirator requirement will depend on the fumes and particulates the wearer is exposed to. The Pureflo range of PAPR and air fed respirators also includes a variety of options and accessories for use by wearers of paint spraying respiratorscontact us today for more information.


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