Pureflo PF31 ABS | Air Fed Respirator

An air fed respirator that you can tailor to match the precise application it is used for - the Pureflo PF31ABS is an air fed face respirator that leads the way in wearer protection in industry.

Proven in use internationally, the air respirator has a lightweight design with waist mounted volumetric flow control valve. The face respirator provides integrated respiratory, head (hard hat) and eye/face protection.

With a high level of wearer acceptance, due to the comfortable fit (no need to face fit testing), lightweight design and excellent field of view, the Pureflo PF31ABS air fed respirator can be used safely by wearers with beards and/or corrective spectacles.


  • Quick cleaning & decontamination
  • Hard Hat (certificated to EN397)
  • Faceshield (certificated to EN166 1.B.3.9)
  • Selection of neckcape options
  • Optional breathing air purifiers, hoses and power tool take off adapters


A selection of different air purifiers, neck capes, hoses and power tool take off adapters, along with an array of another options and accessories, the Pureflo PF31 ABS air fed respirator can be adapted to suit the precise application – including many within the heavy industries.

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