Purelite Xstream | Dust Mask

The perfect replacement for your FFP3 dust masks, the ultra lightweight Purelite Xstream full face respirator offers the wearer respiratory protection to system classification TH2P (APF 20) – which is the same as many back pack respirators, coupled with a polycarbonate face shield not offered by disposable dust mask alternatives.


  • British Standard Certification
    • Respiratory Protection TH2P-S BS EN12941:1999.
    • Eye/Face Protection BS EN166:2002 (Optical class 1, medium energy impact and protection against liquid droplets and splashes.
  • Low noise fan
  • Low battery alarm
  • Ultra Lightweight (1.0kg nominal)
  • Air flow indicator pre checks battery & filter performance


The unique full face mask is fully self-contained, with no trailing leads or hoses, making it the perfect long term replacement for disposable face masks such as FFP3 masks.

With a 4 hour battery as standard, or an 8 hour optional upgrade the Purelite Xstream full face respirator offers super low running costs in comparison to disposable FFP3 masks. The dust mask unit has a high stability quick release headband, for quick and easy cleaning and with a high airflow rate of 210 litres per minute, the dust mask respirator is not only cheaper to run by also so much more comfortable wear!


  • Woodworking
  • Pottery
  • DIY
  • Building Maintenance
  • Food Preparation & Processing
  • Installing Insulation
  • Pest Control
  • Horticulture
  • Dental Laboratories
  • Materials such as Rockwool®


The dust mask even includes a low flow warning alarm at 150 litres per minute, combine that with the quick and easy battery changing process, and it’s easy to see how the Purelite Xstream helps to ensure the wearer receives the appropriate levels of dust protection throughout the working day.

Furthermore, the full face respirator has a number of user replaceable spare parts, including amongst other items, the TH2P filters, batteries, headband, on/off switch assembly and cover. This means, the dust mask does quite genuinely become a much more affordable long term replacement for expensive disposable FFP3 dust masks, whilst simultaneously providing wearer with better protection!

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