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ALPHA 900 Series Flying Helmet

ALPHA 900 Series

The latest ALPHA edition - A military pilot helmet for use in military helicopters & fixed wing non-ejection seat aircraft

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ALPHA Eagle Pilot Helmet


A pilot helmet designed specifically for civil operators of helicopters and fixed wing non-ejection seat aircraft.

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ALPHA 200 Series Helicopter Flight Helmet

ALPHA 200 Series

A military flight helmet, used by pilots of helicopters & fixed wing non-ejection seat aircraft throughout the world.

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ALPHA 300 Series Fighter Pilot Helmet

ALPHA 300 Series

The industry's leading Fighter Pilot Helmet offering truly unparalleled levels of helmet performance & pilot protection.

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ALPHA 400 Series Helicopter Passenger Helmet

ALPHA 400 Series

A helicopter passenger helmet – This multi-fit helmet provides quick & easy head protection for passengers.

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ALPHA 800 Series SAR Rescuer Winchman Helmet

ALPHA 800 Series

A Search & Rescue (SAR) winchman helmet – With a fully submersible, VOX comms system.

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ALPHA Active Noise Reduction (ANR) noise Cancellation


An active noise reduction system designed specifically for ALPHA aircrew helmets & proven in use internationally.

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ALPHA Flight Helmets | Pilots, Aircrew & Passengers

ALPHA helmets

ALPHA flight helmets, from Helmet Integrated Systems Ltd, are undoubtedly the world’s leading aircrew helmet for use by pilots and passengers of fixed wing aircraft, helicopters and fighter jets.

Our range of flight helmets have an unrivalled reputation for their combination of high performance head protection combined with supreme wearer comfort, synonymous with the ALPHA helmet brand.

ALPHA Helmets

The proven ALPHA helmet design meets a wide range of flight helmet applications. Deployed by over 66 air arms worldwide ALPHA helmets are also used extensively in civil and commercial aircrew sectors including police air support and emergency services, search and rescue (SAR), crop spraying and a number of the world’s leading aircraft display teams.

Furthermore, as the Design Authority for aircrew helmets and associated equipment for the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD), Helmet Integrated Systems Ltd, manufacturers of the ALPHA, are true world leaders in flight helmet technology.

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