ALPHA 400 Series | Helicopter Helmet for Passengers

Aviation helmets are traditionally reserved for pilots and aircrew only – however the dangers faced by helicopter passengers are no less real. The ALPHA 400 Series helicopter passenger helmet offers passengers protection against those dangers with a unique universal multi-fit design.

The crew helmet is specifically designed for passengers & other aircrew and provides a rapid accurate fitting to a wide range of head sizes – ideal for use when an aircrew helmet is not a frequently used personal item. 


  • Can be linked to aircraft comms
  • Single or dual visors
  • Choice of boom microphones
  • Choice of colours


Aviation Helmets 

Aviation helmets traditionally offer pilots and other aircrew head and face protection, a privilege not often afforded to helicopter passengers. However, the ALPHA 400 series helicopter passenger helmet offers passengers the right to protection from the same dangers faced by the aircrew.

Found in use in a number of civil, commercial and military operations, the ALPHA 400 series crew helmet is perfect for when issuing aviation helmets to individuals is impractical or unaffordable. The universal crew helmet design fits a wide range of head sizes and is easily adjusted during the donning process. 

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