ALPHA 900 Series | Military Pilot Flying Helmets

The ALPHA 900 Series flying helmet is designed specifically as a military pilot helmet for use in rotary wing (helicopter) and fixed wing, non-ejection seat aircraft.

Already in use by a number of air forces throughout the world, the ALPHA 900 Series offers new levels of stability and pilot protection on a lightweight military specification pilot helmet. 

The air force helmet combines decades of experience as the UK MOD's design authority for aircrew helmets with the latest developments in military pilot helmet technology.

The standard military pilot helmet can be configured with a range of equipment options to suit the flight operations specific requirements, including a large choice of boom microphones, compatibility with a wide range of aircraft communication systems and compatibility with NBC/CBR, Night Vision Goggles, Active Noise Reduction, Laser Protective Visors, and a number of other optional accessories


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