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Australian approvals for the upgraded Pureflo ESM

Helmet Integrated Systems Ltd (HISL) is delighted to announce that their new and improved range of Pureflo ESM PAPR respirators have been approved for use in Australia.

The ‘short duct’ units, which are already in use throughout Europe and the Middle East, feature a shortened internal air duct which provides an enhanced cooling effect as the air passes over the wearer’s head. As per previous long duct models of the unit, the air then passes over the face before flowing back past the neck to exhaust at the back of the unit. Operators of the short duct ESM's have also reported "more simple to set up" and "reduced switch failures", most of which were caused by operators bending the switch arm instead of correctly adjusting the headband.

 Pureflo ESM PAPR units in Australia

Additional improvements include a simplified LED chinbar display, with just a green light for go and a red light with an audible buzzer for stop/warning.

For additional information about the Pureflo ESM PAPR units, register for free and instant access to the Sales and Service zone of our website. Once registered you can access a wealth of additional information, including product literature and the newly issued Australian Standard certification.

Alternatively further information is available from Pureflo’s Sales Administrator Rosyln Clanachan, on:

Tel: +44 (0) 1776 707665
Fax: +44 (0) 1776 706342
Email: roslyn@helmets.co.uk

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