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High Praise from Sibelco Australia

Sibelco use Pureflo Powered RespiratorsA reference from Steve Holmes, Operations Manager, New South Wales Small Mines for Sibelco Australia.

"While production is a main driver in today's highly competitive market, you should never lose sight of your personnel’s safety and welfare. Long shifts and high outputs can take their toll and we are on constant watch for ways to increase safety and comfort for our team who work in a tough industry.

About 30 months ago we trialled a new powered air purifying respirator helmet with the belief that it would offer more protection with its high efficiency filtration and constant high positive pressure. We knew it would be a tough ask for any PPE to handle this sites dusty environment so you can imagine our surprise when we not only had our teams singing the Pureflo's praises re the better air flow rate, more comfort from the neck seal, increased field of vision & optical quality but we saved $4000 in the first 3 months on filter costs alone! Today cost savings have become a vital everyday consideration, up there with production targets and best practice for processes.

Having staff operating with the optimum level of protection, comfort and mobility has a very positive effect on their morale. The Pureflo Respirator mask with its lightweight positive pressure neck seal ensures the whole face, head, ears and most of the neck are protected from the contaminated environment. Pureflo units are now used in some of our plants throughout Australia and we often field questions from other Sibelco sites asking for our opinion on these helmets with a view to changing over down the track once they hear the positive feedback."

Sibelco Australia

Sibelco Australia (formerly Unimin) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Sibelco Corporation of America which in turn is a wholly owned subsidiary of SCR Sibelco NV in Belgium. The Sibelco Group now own and operate 245 mining and production facilities across the world with 30 in Australia and New Zealand alone and continue on a path of growth by acquisition in spite of the Global Financial Crisis. They are a world leader in the supply of raw materials sands, additives in powder and granular form, for primary industries.

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