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PureWeld - Ahead in Welding Protection

PureWeld ESM Welding Respiratory Helmet

With major international certifications, the new Pureweld powered air and airline supplied respirators, combines an EN397 certified safety helmet with an integrated welding shield to provide a new level of personal protection for welding applications.

By combining respiratory, eye, face and head protection in one head mounted unit, the Pureweld is simple and convenient to use and prevents the need for belt mounted power/filter units, trailing airlines, or supply hoses.

Manufactured by Helmet Integrated Systems Ltd, the Pureweld ESM incorporates an electronic systems management system, which monitors filter and battery life (8 hours) and maintains a constant minimum flow rate of 170 lpm.

A choice of high efficiency TH3P filters provide extended service life which far exceeds that of other filters available for use with welding respirators. The majority of welding applications are met by the high efficiency P3 filter, with a special version of this filter being available for use during the welding of special materials, such as aluminium and stainless steels with the associated release of for example hexavalent chromium.

PureWeld ABS - AirFed Welding Respiratory Protection

A full view high impact polycarbonate faceshield is located behind a lightweight polyamide welding shield with flip up feature, and can accept either a standard or auto lens.

For welding applications that require an air supplied helmet, the Pureweld ABS is fitted with the same faceshield and welding shield as the Pureweld ESM, with in this case air being supplied via a waistbelt mounted constant flow regulator, which provides a variable flow up to 250 lpm.

The Pureweld ESM and Pureweld ABS offer a new standard for welding protection.

Further details of the Pureweld range can be obtained from:

Helmet Integrated Systems Ltd
Commerce Road
United Kingdom
Email: sales@helmets.co.uk
Phone +44 (0) 1776 704421

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