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Spanish Air Force Selects ALPHA 800 Helmet for Search & Rescue Operations

Considering the extreme and arduous conditions typically involved in airborne or disembarked search and rescue operations, it is vital to provide clear and effective communications between the aircrew, the rescue winchman, and the survivor. The ALPHA 800 Series Rescuer winchman helmet system, manufactured in the UK by Helmet Integrated Systems Ltd (HISL), is designed and proven to meet this requirement.

ALPHA 800 Series The Spanish Air Force is the latest customer for the ALPHA 800 Series, and after an extensive evaluation programme have chosen the unit for their SAR units headquartered in Madrid, Mallorca, and Tenerife. A total of 40 helmets and air band radio systems have been purchased.


The ALPHA 800 Series is fully water-proofed, and provides a unique combination of lightweight head protection and hands-free communications for the rescue crewman, enabling him to transmit and receive information to and from the aircraft via a built-in head set, throat microphone, and fully submersible radio. Three switch modes are incorporated for selective communication between the rescue crewman and the aircraft. The helicopter search and rescue helmet can be supplied with a choice of single or double visors, in tinted or clear versions, to give face and glare protection.

ALPHA Search and RescueWith potentially very high noise levels from both the helicopter and weather conditions, the rescue crewman is able to hear and reassure the survivor, by means of an electro-acoustic valve built into the helmet. For disembarked operations, where for example the rescue crewman is supervising winching operations from the deck of a ship, the capability to maintain radio contact with the aircraft, is crucial for the safety of both himself and the survivors being evacuated.


The helmet is fully compatible with most on-board communications systems and is available with a choice of radio systems to suit individual needs including airband or marine band types. SAR Operators who wish to carry out a trial evaluation of the ALPHA 800, are invited to contact HISL



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